Eldevin MMORPG Official Gameplay Trailer

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Closed Beta Signup now open! www.eldevin.com An exciting new Browser-based MMORPG coming 2013! Find out more at www.eldevin.com Find us on Facebook – www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter – twitter.com Game Forum – forums.huntedcow.com Thank you for supporting our games! © 2013 Hunted Cow Studios Ltd
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Athletic Socks

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Athletic socks are those that you would wear if you were an athlete or otherwise quite active though many people wear them in their daily lives. They offer many benefits that people find enjoyable and helpful such as those socks that wick away sweat really well. Those socks are specifically sought after by people who have sweaty feet. Athlete’s foot is also a concern and that is why the athletic socks tend to be designed to help reduce its risk.

There are many online websites that sell a variety of socks so it should not be very difficult to find some that are to your liking. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes, but white and black tend to be the most common. You can get athletic socks that ranges anywhere from those that come up to your knee to those that barely make it to your ankle.

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DON’T STOP THE HIP HOP (Smosh Game Bang)

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Subscribe to Smosh games! smo.sh We bring the funk with Hip Hop Experience for the Kinect The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday! The price for failure? Humiliation! Play with us! Subscribe: bit.ly Like us on Facebook: facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com You can follow our crew on twitter as well @smoshian @smoshanthony @atomicmari @thejovenshire @lasercorn @sohinki

Got any 3′s? Go Fish. Game Grumps are: Egoraptor: www.YouTube.com JonTron: www.YouTube.com Game Grumps on Facebook: www.facebook.com Game Grumps on Twitter: www.twitter.com Game Grumps Store: www.sharkrobot.com
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LIDA360 Offers Super Bowl-Size Tips to Enlist Fans for Your Personal Brand

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Greenwood Village, CO (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Last weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII was a reminder of the importance of creating fans, cheerleaders and advocates when building a reputation and personal brand. A strong personal brand builds momentum as milestones are achieved, results are measured, and fans cheer on for future success. For this reason, it is critical to identify, nurture and cultivate a solid network of supporters.

Lida Citroen, reputation management and personal branding expert, offers the following tips to identify these cheerleaders and enlist them as fans.

To identify your cheerleaders, consider these tips:

-Seek out contacts who can understand your value and contribution. Look to people you work with, interact on committees with and with whom you network regularly.

-Pay attention to how you are perceived by them. Do they introduce you as book smart, academic and intellectual? Or, do they refer to your value when speaking about you as in, Susan always brings creative solutions to problems, moving our team forward.

-Since building a fan base necessitates reciprocity, be sure the people youre identifying as cheerleaders are ones who you will be able to provide value to. Can you meet their needs? Can you make them happy, even delighted?

Once you have identified those cheerleaders whom you will enlist as fans for your personal brand, follow these simple guidelines to get them excited and empowered to sing your praises:

-Make sure they can articulate your desired reputation. Building your personal brand means working in the direction of your ideal perception in the marketplace. In order to do this, your audience (and cheerleaders) need to clearly understand what value you provide, how you want to be perceived, and how you want others to feel about you.

-Empower your cheerleaders with the tools to help promote you. NFL teams might sell t-shirts, jerseys and banners to help fans spread their enthusiasm for their team, but consider what your audience needs. If your fans are online, be sure to have well-designed and functional social media sites (Facebook pages, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, etc) so your cheerleaders can root for you online. Similarly, if your cheerleaders need you to have marketing collateral or other tools so they can tell others about you, consider that an investment well made!

-Reward your fans. Just like pro teams give a shout out to the fans, recognizing that without them the game would mean so much less, dont forget to thank your cheerleaders for their support, encouragement and resources. Without cheerleaders, our careers would be so much less rewarding.

Building and maintaining a fan base of cheerleaders is not a luxury great companies and personal brands are built as a result of this support and thrive when that fan base helps spread our value to others through formal and viral marketing channels.

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Freshdesk goes Full-on Freemium; Helps Businesses Get Over Customer Death by Email

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Walnut, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

Today Freshdesk, the fastest growing cloud-based customer support platform, announced the launch of a new Forever Free plan for small business and startups. With hundreds of startups and SMBs already active on its platform, including promising cloud telephony upstart Plivo, and TechCrunch Disrupt winner UberConference, Freshdesk has unveiled a new pricing tier that makes it even easier for small businesses to deliver a powerful support experience.

The company which had previously offered the first agent free across all its plans is now offering three full-time agents on its Sprout plan at no cost, forever, essentially making it a free support software for the small and growing business. With this new offering, the company aims to help SMBs transition from the chaos of having no support systems in place, to creating a more proactive support structure

Evolution of Customer Support

Traditionally, customer support has always been about the customer reaching out to the business, whether through phone or email. However, the support landscape is evolving with customers now taking to social media and various communities to vent their frustration. Freshdesk is amongst the new age of customer support solutions that allow businesses to take a multi-channel approach to customer communication.

But SMBs and startups have a more basic problem – in most cases, they do not even realize the need for a dedicated tool to manage their support. A large number of SMBs moving to Freshdesk had just been using email to manage their support queries.

In almost all my conversations with aspiring startups and small businesses I see more and more evidence pointing to one fact, says Vikram Bhaskaran, Director of Marketing at Freshdesk. We are not just competing with all those help desk software out there… We are competing with Email, and sticky notes!

Getting over Death by Email

According to Vikram, it is easy for startups to fall prey to Death by Email. Most businesses dont really think about their customer support till the churn becomes unmanageable. In most cases, employees and owners continue supporting customers through their own disparate mailboxes. Eventually, conversations get buried, issues get lost and the concept of a shared knowledge just does not exist.

While Freshdesk is already the most affordable player in the customer support space, it has understood that SMB customers will continue to anchor price points relative to email. That means customer support solutions targeting SMBs must offer a powerful set of capabilities priced relative to a Google Apps business account.

Stepping up to Satisfaction

Freshdesk understands that Freemium economics will work only if it helps its free customers eventually become paying users. As businesses grow, the need to take the brand social, support customers across Twitter and Facebook, and engage them through brand communities becomes critical. Freshdesk believes that businesses that take advantage of its free plan to provide an exceptional support experience have a high propensity to scale and move up to higher plans. At its highest paid plan, called Estate, Freshdesk also offers its Arcade, for larger teams to stay motivated and keep their support aligned with core business needs through integrated game mechanics.

About Freshdesk:

Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk software that allows organizations to support their customers through email, phone, website, Facebook and Twitter. With powerful features, an easy to use interface and a freemium pricing model, Freshdesk is widely used by companies ranging from startups all the way up to enterprises. For more information, please visit http://www.freshdesk.com

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Video Game High School (VGHS) – Ep. 2

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Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 2

WATCH EPISODE 3 NOW! bit.ly Episode two of our feature-length webseries “Video Game High School!” Here’s how the release is going to work: We will be putting all new VGHS episodes on our site, rocketjump.com, one week before we upload them to youtube. So RocketJump will stay one week ahead of our youtube. Episode 3 is now available on RocketJump!

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Globaloria Celebrates Digital Learning Day (Feb. 6, 2013); Program Showcases Digital Learning in Action

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(PRWEB) February 04, 2013

Three thousand youth in 60 schools and community centers across the nation are opening their classrooms to demonstrate the power of digital teaching and learning the Globaloria Way on the second annual Digital Learning Day on February 6.

As part of Digital Learning Day, World Wide Workshop is partnering with the Alliance for Excellent Education to celebrate innovative teaching practices that make learning more engaging for students. World Wide Workshops Globaloria program is the first and largest social learning network for developing digital literacy, STEM knowledge and global citizenship skills through game design.

Parents, friends, community members, press and policy makers are invited to attend a Globaloria class and experience an innovative, hands-on “game-design studio. In a variety of implementationsfrom a middle school Computing class in West Virginia to an all-girls high school Spanish class in New York City, and everywhere in betweenGlobaloria students are developing original STEM games, collaborating with their peers and teachers, using a digital curriculum and accessing peer and expert support through an online network.

World Wide Workshop is proud to align Globaloria with the characteristics of digital learning in schools as defined by Digital Learning Day. Personal and flexible, Globaloria engages students in learning-by-doing and empowers them to manage personalized learning goals. Led by teachers with significant support, Globaloria cultivates technical expertise in educators through on-site professional development and ongoing virtual mentorship. Globaloria also provides flexible and high-quality resources through comprehensive platforms, cloud-based tools, and live technical support. Characterized by collaborative learning and innovation using technology, Globaloria is successful in fostering effective digital learning and teaching practices in any classroom.

About Digital Learning Day

In 2012, the Alliance for Excellent Education held the first-ever Digital Learning Day to promote uses of technology to support teachers in public schools for grades K-12. Tens of thousands of educators participated. We are proud to serve as a Pioneering Partner of Digital Learning Day since its founding. Digital Learning Day is important for celebrating change makers and calling for better learning opportunities for all students. With Globaloria we forge effective digital learning and education innovation throughout the nation that aligns with DLDs deep learning principles, said Dr. Idit Harel Caperton, President of the World Wide Workshop, Digital Learning Day partner.

On February 6, 2013, the Alliance for Excellent Education invites teachers, parents, principals, and state education leaders to engage in the second annual Digital Learning Day through local and national events.

Digital Learning Day emphasizes empowerment, said Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education. Providing the technological tools to empower teachers creates a more collaborative, supportive, and transparent school culture. Quality teaching joined with effect technology can empower students to be life-long learners and producers of content and information by ensuring that they are ready for college and a career. And, finally, planning effectively for the inevitable shift to digital content and blended learning empowers education and political leaders to make decisions that put students first and support teachers.


World Wide Workshop is a nonprofit organization that invents social media and digital technology applications to help youth and educators participate as leaders in the global knowledge economy. Globaloria is the first and largest social learning network for developing digital literacy, STEM knowledge and global citizenship skills through game design. Launched in 2006, the resultsproven Globaloria is at work today in middle and highschool classrooms and community centers in four states: California, New York, Texas and West Virginia. To learn more about how Globaloria classrooms nationwide are participating in Digital Learning Day, go to http://www.globaloria.org/dld.

The Alliance for Excellent Education is a Washington, DC-based national policy and advocacy organization that works to improve national and federal policy so that all students can achieve at high academic levels and graduate from high school ready for success in college, work, and citizenship in the twenty-first century.

To arrange for your press/media school visit or for a background interview on February 6th, please contact: ward (at) collaborativecommunications (dot) com or 202-285-3277

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Joint Inflammation is something that a lot of people have to deal with. More than seventy million people in the United States suffer from some type of arthritis. Although the inflammation of the joints is most commonly found in older adults, it can affect people of all ages as there are over one hundred different types. There are a few that are more common than the others such as osteoarthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. Gout is very painful and commonly found in the big toe, wrists, and knees when the body overproduces uric acid.

Rheumatoid is the long lasting disease that people experience in the knees, hands, and wrists. Those people between the age of twenty five and fifty five are usually the ones most likely to be affected. As an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakes the healthy tissue for a foreign substance and will thus attack itself. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and affects more than twenty million Americans.

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X Games safety in spotlight after snowmobiler Caleb Moore's death

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X Games safety in spotlight after snowmobiler Caleb Moore's death
Caleb Moore was a top athlete in one of the most daring competitions ever devised for television: freestyle snowmobiling. But his death on Thursday from injuries sustained in last week's Winter X Games threw his sport – and the attending spectacle …
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More Console Style Games Looking To Move To Facebook
Currently, most popular Facebook games differ greatly from console video games. There's bubble shooters and several iterations of “with Friends,” and these games are, for the most part, fairly simple. But Reuters writes that more complex, visual games …
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For Rutgers football recruits it's a night of fun and games in New York City
That's why Nick Arcidiacono, a defensive line prospect from Pennsylvania who has already committed to play for the Scarlet Knights, was working one of the hundreds of arcade games furiously, imploring the machine to continue to spit out tickets.
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Study: Porn Addiction Increasing as Technology Proliferates Access

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San Francisco, California (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

Recent study confirms what therapists already know–the Internet and other new technologies have been spurring an increase in pornography use. A University of Sydney study has shown an increase in porn use as the technologies are exploding access.

Preliminary results are discussed on the University of Sydney website. Nearly 800 people came forward to discuss their pornography addiction for an extensive online study facilitated by researchers at the University of Sydney. The study revealed that 43 percent of people surveyed began watching porn from the young ages of 11 to 13 years old.

The study also revealed an increase in pornography use in both young adults and adults. Among participants, 47 percent acknowledged watching pornography for between 30 minutes and three hours every day, and over half had de-facto partners or were married. The study revealed that in addition to the damage to friendships and romantic relationships, negative consequences included loss of jobs and legal problems.

The easy access to pornography on the Internet and other devices makes resisting the urge more difficult, and appears to be increasing pornography addiction. There are people who are now porn addicts who arguably wouldnt have gotten there without the new technologies, says San Francisco psychotherapist Michael Halyard, MFT.

Halyard is a San Francisco Marriage and Family Therapist and can be found on the websites http://www.sftherapy.com/ and http://www.sanfrancisco-psychotherapy.com.

Pornography is not only on the Internet, its now available on smart phones like the iPhone and Android, computer tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire, and Internet television like Apple TV and Roku. There are apps for the smart phones and tablets, and special channels for Internet television, adds Halyard.

Pornography addiction is defined as a psychological dependence on pornography, characterized by compulsive reading, viewing and obsessing about pornography to the detriment of a persons well being and affecting all areas of their life. As with all addictions, key to its addictive quality is that the behavior continues despite ever growing negative consequences and a desire to stop. Pornography addiction is also a form of sex addiction, and can often co-occur with other compulsive sexual behavior.

Modern pornography is more addictive than traditional pornography due to its easy availability, explicit nature, wide range of images and video available, ability to access it on any handheld device or tablet, and the privacy that the experience offers. People can spend hours searching the Internet on their computer or device for the newest or most hardcore pornography.

You used to have to go to an Adult movie theater to watch pornography. Some people even had film projectors and showed Super-8 films at home. Then the VCR allowed practically everyone who wanted it access to pornography in the privacy of their own home. Then came the Internet and all bets were off. Smart phones, iPhones, tablets and iPads, Internet television, and now even Twitter and Facebook feeds and apps have made porn difficult to avoid, explains Halyard.

This omnipresent availability makes it easy for people with addictive personalities to cross that indivisible line into addiction. For many adults, the moderate use of pornography can be a healthy part of their sexuality. For porn addicts, however, pornography can be as damaging as gambling, alcohol or drugs, and can take over a persons life. If you are spending more than 30 minutes watching porn each day, you may have a problem, argues Halyard.

The kind of behaviors that porn addicts engage in include: watching porn on a computer or other device, looking at nude picture personal ads on websites, spending hours searching for the most exciting videos, talking to people online, file sharing, instant messaging, texting, cybersex, webcam sex, and even sex in virtual world video games. Theres also downloading, classifying and storing porn in a way–that is in essence hoarding porn– and an obsessive compulsive way to control anxiety. For some people it doesnt go any further than this, but others get into sexually compulsive behaviors in the real world.

For compulsive pornography consumers, the pornography often serves as a way to self-soothe, relax, and escape the stress of modern life. People also use pornography to avoid uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt and shame, and as a way to manage their anxiety. Sometimes people use porn just to avoid doing work or tedious tasks, says Halyard.

Pornography addiction, like drug and alcohol addiction, has the potential to wreck havoc in peoples lives and results in real consequences. Negative consequences include being caught at work downloading or watching porn, being late or missing work due to a several hour stretch of watching porn, loosing ones job, and being caught by ones significant other.

It also can affect intimacy because the porn addict may be more comfortable watching porn than interacting with his or her partner. Porn addicts can incur huge charges from website subscriptions and other adult services, and the addiction can lead to isolating, secretive behavior, moodiness, unrealistic expectations of sex, and the constant search for more extreme material.

Although not recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical of Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard classification system for mental disorders, pornography addiction has all the hallmarks of an addiction, including causing significant distress, tolerance, withdrawal, increasing time spent and intensity, behavior continuing despite negative consequences or the desire to stop, and causing problems in occupational and social functioning, explains Halyard.

Porn addiction is serious, but there is hope. Porn addicts can receive treatment from private practice psychotherapists, clinics, and out-patient and in-patient programs. The impediment to treatment is often denial, because people dont want to think they have a problem, and they often are embarrassed to seek help, adds Halyard.

Psychotherapy is helpful for sex addiction, and involves confronting denial and rationalization and making a sexual recovery plan. Part of that process is figuring out what the triggers are for acting out, and learning how to avoid or cope with them. Treatment also involves figuring out what an individuals healthy sexual practices are and teaching people to cope with their urges. Additionally, treatment also involves learning to cope with uncomfortable feelings.

There are also a number of self-help programs set up to help porn and sex addicts. Porn Addicts Anonymous is a 12-step program geared specifically for pornography addiction–it is relatively new and most meetings are by conference call. There are also online message boards like no-porn.com where porn addicts can go and get online support.

Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Sexual Compulsive Anonymous are also 12-step groups based on Alcoholics Anonymous. These self-help / mutual-support groups are well-liked and effective at helping sex addicts achieve and maintain sexual sobriety.

Internet monitoring or Internet filtering (designed to keep children from seeing adult images and content) helps reduce accessibility and can prevent a relapse. The filters provide an external deterrent to a relapse and are very helpful.

The good news is that people do recover. Pornography addiction is very treatable. Being in recovery means having a life free of sexual obsession, reconnecting with ones world and deepening relationships, adds Halyard.


Michael Halyard, MS, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and specializes in LGBT issues, depression, anxiety, addictions and couples counseling in his San Francisco pri

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Search engine optimization can be achieved in house by a company, but an SEO company may be the better choice as they have multiple businesses and websites that they work with to know what works and what does not. Having a larger selection of different sites allows for a better understanding of search engine optimization. This is extremely beneficial when the search engines cycle their algorithms and change some of what they want to see, or don’t want to see on websites.

An SEO company that understands that search engine optimization has cycles is the one that will pull through the fastest when one occurs. The organic ranking of websites can flow like a tide where some will move all the way up to the first page and then drop all the way back down past multiple pages. The real trick is for an SEO company to push back to the top page, which can only happen if they do not fall very far.